Caps? Shmaps! I’ll just spill my pills

You can tell a lot about my week by what “the Gang” aka my collection o’drugs looks like come Sunday night. Some Sundays I find them neatly chillin on my windowsill where I last left them the Sunday before waiting to be neatly sorted, and other Sundays I find this. Opened bottles all over the apartment, pill organizers on the floor, 5 unopened packages from CVS mail order, and not knowing where the fuck any of the lids are. ⁣

This picture is what a flare week looks like. It is the result of survival mode, a useless right eye, no mental wherewithal to keep track of what to take when, and only having the energy to take the tops off once all week because well that’s just how it is right now. ⁣

And you know what? I’m doing my best and I’m sure you are too so just go out there and be #theillest because pill bottle caps are overrated and spilling your meds everywhere is cool.⁣ ✌🏻✌🏼✌🏽✌🏾✌🏿 ⁣⁣

***posted here from the gram was being lazy #spoonshortage


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