Sup with the whack PlayStation ‘sup?

After a lil hiatus I’m feeling like I’m getting my voice back amidst everything going on in the universe, so let’s get reacquainted mmkay? I introduced myself nearly two years ago now and it was rather blah, so here we go again for anyone newly joining my readership, as well as the family and friends who read this and know me very well already.


So I’m Alex (she/her) and welcome to The Illest, thanks for coming, wish I could offer more than the usual run on sentences, mixed verb tense, and occasional profanity, but you know, doing my best. If my Instagram led you here nothing will be very surprising. This is where I let my wanna be comedy writer alter ego loose on the internet. I also occasionally become reflective and serious about all that is life ill, because as Lil Wayne, the muse for this blog, says, Bitch I’m ill not sick.

The quick and dirty of my personal life isn’t much different than any other urbanite in their late 20s. I live in Washington, DC, USA, with my partner, he’s low key the best and incredibly supportive, more on him later. Although I don’t feel my job defines my identity, it is a big part of it. Being a teacher is a lot. Being an ESL teacher in a high poverty school, with kids going through immigration proceedings while also trying to learn fractions, is A LOT. But, ultimately I love it, my kiddos are the reason I get out of bed (almost) every day. The fact I get to wear fun clogs, and never do my hair or makeup because they DGAF is an added perk. Aside from gettin that (GF) bread as the youths taught me to say, I love plants and nature even though I get itchy AF. So indoor time is important with puzzles galore, Friends, Parks &Rec and Bobs Burgers, all of which the hubs also enjoys. We’re super exciting, I know.

That’s basically the bloggess behind the blog. I like to think I’m hilarious, so I hope you get some chuckles too, or maybe just smile I dunno. Read, share, shake your head in dismay. Do you!  Peace & Sunshine – Alex


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