No that’s not how it works…

So I have been laying low during this time we’ve called 2020, aka a global pandemic with a racial crisis chaser. Just a lot fucking going on and not much will to put my fingers to the keyboard and tell you how I feel about it. Alas, here were are and something idiotic enough happened that my buttons have been pushed enough I need to rage about it just a lil bit. Hopefully someone may learn something from this post, maybe not, but at the very least I will feel a tiny bit better for having said it.

Here goes: You have probably noticed a few yahoos running around (the US largely) refusing to wear masks claiming they are an infliction upon their civil liberties. To this I have many replies, the first being are you fucking kidding me? However, these individuals are just not having the slight inconvenience of 25 square inches of fabric in front of their face and man are they mad about it. As a chronically ill person, like much of my tiny fan base, we’ve been mask wearers long before #socialdistancing was trending, so the idea of not wearing a mask to protect the health of others is not only beyond selfish but also just annoying considering we’ve been doing it for ages.

But you know what really grinds my gears about this vocal group of idiots? They have decided to claim health conditions that prohibit wearing a mask, citing the Americans with Disabilities Act and threatening action from the Justice Department, making fake cards to intimidate business owners. I more than anyone as a member of the disabled community know and recognize there are many conditions that prohibit wearing a mask, that’s legit. What is far from legit are these individuals using the ADA to avoid wearing a mask in public because it’s quite frankly bullshit and I’m going to tell you why, but feel free to still come at me in the comments.

One of the primary notions of the ADA has to do with reasonable accommodations, and if you’ve lived with a disability for any amount of time you probably know quite a lot about this. You’ve also probably fought tooth and nail with your employer or landlord for a basic accommodation providing a shit load of highly personal medical documentation. You know what is NOT an example of a reasonable accommodation? Entering a grocery store without a mask because you can’t (or won’t because you’re an asshole) wear one. That endangers others and you. A reasonable accommodation would be delivery or curbside service. Oh wait!! Businesses are doing that!

You know what else makes this bullshit? If you have any shred of medical knowledge or even basic understanding of how the body works, if you truly have a condition preventing you from wearing a mask, I would bet what little money I have you are probably high risk too since Covid-19 is pulmonary in nature. So your ass shouldn’t be out amongst the masses mask-less anyway.

Sure one could argue with me about how a mask impedes your free will or whatever bullshit, but do NOT use the ADA for such corrupt means because every fucking day real disabled individuals have to fight for even the most basic accommodations. Meanwhile selfish assholes are running around endangering the mask-less pleading disability because of a minor inconvenience. It’s the ultimate case of the privileged crying wolf at the expense of some of the most vulnerable in our population.

So, No, to you Mr. or Ms. “But I Have a Breathing Condition” that’s not how it works, try considering the reality of someone with CF right now, or EDS, or undergoing chemotherapy. Don’t drag our rights through the mud because your face gets sweaty and your glasses fog up. Again that’s not how it works.

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