So this is new…

Welcome to my rambling thoughts, and hopefully some entertaining or even uplifting tidbits. Being chronically ill sucks, so might as well generate more content on the internet for you to read when your insomnia is keeping you up at night, right?

Instead of diving into the nitty gritty of my chronic illness journey, we all have them, most are long, frustrating, long, complicated, did I mention long? For those curious I have a whole page dedicated to my diagnoses etc. that you may peruse at your leisure or not.

Anyway I’m Alex, a plant loving, middle school teacher, living chronically ill in Washington D.C. I have been unsure about writing about my experiences for quite some time because who gives a shit? But alas here I am tip tapping away on my keyboard so let’s see how this thing goes!

I always say, I like to think to I’m funny… jury is still out.

Yours truly with my home healthcare aide, I mean fiancé, taken about 3 diagnoses ago

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